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Jen Laird

Jen Laird

Jen is married to Dave and lives in the Maple Leaf neighborhood of Seattle along with their 3 grade school / junior high kids. The daughter of an Army officer, she has lived in every section of the country. As a young adult, she worked with a non-profit and traveled the globe extensively having spent time in over 17 nations. It was through these experiences interacting with diverse cultures that she began feeling drawn to practically and emotionally support women and children.

After the birth of her first child she moved to New Zealand and became a resource to fellow moms expecting babies and needing support in negotiating the challenges of motherhood. Four years later and following the birth of 2 more babies in 18 months, the family relocated to Seattle. In 2007 she completed Birth and Postpartum Doula training through Bastry’s Simkin Center. The family decided to move to back to New Zealand where Jen completed one year of midwifery school. Missing the community and friendships they cherished, the family decided Seattle was still in their blood and once again packed their earthy possessions into boxes. The next year was filled with midwifery school, doula work, and a midwifery internship. In 2010 Jen decided to pursue work as a doula and childbirth educator full time.

Jen enjoys hiking with her family, spending time with friends, drinking good coffee, and cheering for her soccer playing kids (except for when it pouring ran…..)

Jen is also an experienced birth and postpartum doula. For more information on her services

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